Thank you PS for giving us the chance to find love! 

We got to know each other on your site. We emailed each other for about three weeks before we spoke. We called each other almost every day and he sent me his photo. After talking on the phone for about one month, I sent him my photo. After another 2 months, we agreed to meet face to face. We found a neutral place. I reserved a hotel room, told my best girlfriend where I was going and who I was going to meet. When I arrived at the hotel, I found a box of flowers and chocolates from him in the room. Such a wonderful night. We met in the lobby and went out walking on the sand. The next day we had a dinner at a nice restaurant near the hotel.

For almost one year, we visited each other by traveling back and forth. He proposed to me, moved to my town, and we got married. We had a happy wedding party, with our family and friends surrounding us.

It took us a while to find each other, as we keep finding on the site before meeting each other. Anyway, it was worth the waiting!

Thank you positivesingles for giving us the chance to find love.