Why Join HIV Dating Community and Apps?

hiv dating community

HIV dating community and apps are on the rise now.

You may hear about general dating sites or apps, like Match, Tinder, OKC, etc. It’s easy to join this kind of dating community.

But it’s hard to get a match. During many conversations, poz singles are worried about how to tell the truth and whether they will pass the virus to others.

So, many people are looking for a dating community for people with HIV/AIDs. They don’t need to be afraid of discrimination, judgment, and rejection.

They’d like to know if there are some dating sites or apps for people with HIV.

Actually, there are many, such as Positive Singles, Poz Personals, and Poz Match, etc.

They are bringing HIV singles together in an anonymous and comfortable place for support, love, and hope.

HIV people can find someone in the same situation here to talk and to date. You don’t need to be alone again.

Real Positive Singles User’s Story

Mike, a member of Positive Singles, told us that he is used to checking the app every day, even in the hospital. If he doesn’t, he felt something missing that day.

“I’m lucky to get a lot of courage and encouragement from my relatives and best friends. But I don’t want them to worry about me.

There are some painful moments in my life which I chose to be silent in the past.

I have been rejected by a great company because of the virus. It’s unfair and made me depressed. But the only thing I can do is to manage the emotion and stress to accept it.

Last time, I met someone in the Tinder and was deeply crazy for that girl. To be equal, I told that girl my secret after the first date. Unfortunately, she said no to me. I understand that it’s difficult for ordinary people to handle it.

It’s a hard time for me. I can’t share these bad things with my parents and friends.

After joining Positive Singles, I knew I’m not alone. There are many “ME”. We might have similar experiences in finding a job or a match. You aren’t required to tell the real name or other information before the talk. This makes me relaxed and comfortable.

Currently, I met two girls on the site. One is in Texas which is far from my city. So we became good friends on the net. Another girl is in the same place and we are dating now. I never imagined that before. I was lucky enough to find her.

Sometimes, a simple decision changed life greatly. “

Therefore, for people with HIV, joining an HIV dating community might be a good start.